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Team Harmony include several members with different backgrounds helped to have a better holistic view of the project assigning roles to be done in the process of picking up a concept, developing and testing it.

Taking part in SDME will allow the university students to learn new skills and help them to exchange information with other students. The future of Sustainable Buildings could be touched today since Dubai has the cutting-edge technology that will accelerate such process. The team is planning to find new ways to save energy and use the renewable resources. Both elements will help increase the level of people’s happiness while their they live in sustainable cities.



Our home promotes “earth harmony living” or “net zero living”.


Using nearly net zero material with low ecological footprint , high technological water system to conserve water and reuse it in irrigation and cooling.


Creating a friendly environment and adaptable space that can be used for living , work , gathering and other functions.


Using recycled material, passive design , high tech system to reduce electricity and cooling demand.

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Our Team

Members from Harmony team are formed from students and alumni different programmes of British University in Dubai including: Sustainable Design of The Built Environment, Building Services Engineer and Engineering management supervised by Prof. Bassam Abu-Hijleh the Dean of Faculty of Engineering & IT.
Prof. Bassam Abu-Hijleh

Faculty Adviser

Nesrine Oussadou

Team Leader + Project Manager

Dania Tachouali

Sponsorship Manager

Salma Al Zahabi

Social Media Manager

Ghadeer Jumah

Team member

Taqwa Wriekat

Team member

Hawra Askari

Team member

Vishnu Ks

Team member


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Key design Elements

The Harmony building design is focused on sustainable construction and green technologies which will reduce building emissions and carbon foot print significantly. The building will be partially constructed off-site and assembled on-site on a precast concrete slab to reduce the required time of construction.
Harmony house structural components are designed in a way that increase the house space by eliminating visible columns and drop beams and at the same time it will maintain the structural strength. The structural design aims to support the house skeleton while reducing the construction material and waste.
The main structural elements are components precast beam foundations, insulated sandwich walls, hollow core roof slabs and floor slab.

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